Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt

CEO of WeMoveCoins.

At WeMoveCoins, we strive to complete your transaction as fast and efficient as possible. This means that when you pay by credit card, you’ll normally receive your bitcoins within 5 minutes. Below, we’ve created a simple overview of dos and don’ts to help make every transaction faster and more efficient than the former.

Mobile phone
Only use your private phone. You cannot complete a transaction if you’re using a virtual phone number from the web, or if the same number has been used in relation to the purchase of another person. Should you change your phone number, please let us know. We’ll make sure to update your profile.

Credit card
Only use your private credit card. Because we compare your credit card with the country code on your phone number, your credit card and your phone must be issued in the same country. At this time, if your credit card is issued in the US your order will be rejected.

Email address
Only use a private email address which has been active for a while.

Only use the name stated on your passport, health insurance card or driver’s license.

Order amount
As a first-time customer (or a recurrent customer with a new credit card) we recommend that you start by completing a small order of 50 EUR.

Verification of credit card
In connection with orders of magnitude (more than 1000 EUR on the same card), normally we’ll ask you to verify your credit card. If you’ve already made a smaller order, the process will happen quickly. 

Identity verification
Normally, we allow purchases of up till 1000 EUR a month without any documentation.

Your IP address is essential to our evaluation and approval of your order. Therefore, we kindly ask you to disable your VPN when making a purchase. If your IP address, your phone numbers country code and your card issuing country correlates, we’ll most likely be able to approve and complete your order within 5 minutes.


What to avoid

Do not use different phone numbers. There might be a good reason for you to do so, but our compliance system gets very confused. Let us know if you change your number so that we can help migrate your credentials and reputation to your new number.

Please don’t use “constructed” email addresses.

Be consistent with the name you use. Phone numbers and names are tightly linked in our system.

Please don’t use VPN to hide your location. Your true IP-address is important for our assessment of your order. We like it if your IP location is the same as your phone country and card issuing country, although we recognize good reasons for it not to be so.

Do not share your email address, credit card or phone with friends also using our service.



For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions. Emergency situations like civil war, tsunamis, earthquakes, DDoS attacks etc. that are out of our control, will of course put all orders on hold for an indefinite period of time. Furthermore, situations may occur where a very high trading volume will temporarily make our hot-wallet and/or EUR-funding account run low. This will have an immediate and direct negative impact on our ability to execute orders. Finally, we reserve the right to select orders for manual review. This, of course, might delay the payout process.